ASCO Sintering Co. to accept Design Excellence Award at POWDERMET 2018 in San Antonio TX June 17-20 2018

ASCO Sintering Co., Commerce, CA, USA will be accepting another Design Excellence Award at the POWDERMET 2018 show in San Antonio TX on June 17-20 2018.


ASCO Sintering Co. to exhibit at Design2Part in Schaumburg IL May 9-10 2018

ASCO Sintering Co., Commerce, CA, USA will be exhibiting our world-class components manufactured via Powder Metallurgy at the Design2Part show in Schaumburg IL on May 9-19 2018.


ASCO Sintering Co. wins 2017 Award of Distinction from MPIF

Sam Moorman, Senior Process Engineer, ASCO Sintering Co., California, USA accepted an Award of Distinction in the Hardware/Appliance Category of the 2017 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition.  The MPIF award was given for a copper-infiltrated steel latch bolt for a commercial door lock assembly. Read more...


Precision Powdered Metal Gears - Low Cost, Net Shape to AGMA 8

Design and processing factors directed at
achieving the extreme precision required for an AGMA 8 rated Gear.

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Commitment to Quality : Six Sigma

All the staff at ASCO Sintering Co. feel a keen responsibility to design; engineer, manufacture, inspect, and ship award winning precision Powdered Metal P/M products and solutions that meet the extremely high quality standard of our customers all around the world. Sintered products to Six Sigma !

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