Awards by Product

In its nearly 50 year history, ASCO Sintering has produced powdered metal award winning products varying from simply miniature to complex geometries and assemblies. With an industry wide reputation as a powdered metal gear producer, ASCO Sintering Co. prides itself on combining over half a decade of planetary gear and gear carrier plate knowledge with a six sigma philosophy and a statistically controlled process to provide the most cost effective solution for the end user.

Product solutions such as a miniature 3 stage planetary gear, a 4 part clutch rotor assembly, black box polarizing keys, a BHMA Fire Door Latch-bolt Chassis, a commercial fire sprinkler yoke, an electronic hub spindle, a 2 piece “jigsaw” lockset slide retractor assembly and a knife handle set including safety cam protection have all been recognized as award winning solutions, produced by ASCO Sintering Co. since the beginning of the MPIF Design Excellence Awards in 1965.


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