ASCO Sintering Co. opens new metal sintering sales and engineering office in South Africa to service African Customers.

ASCO Sintering Co. has announced the appointment of Carlo Coenraad as the African sales manager in their new office located in Cape Town South Africa, where he will be offering advanced powdered metal sintering solutions to ASCO clients and companies located throughout the African continent.  Mr. Coenraad has over 25 years of experience in the precision tooling and engineering sectors in Africa, including the management of a sintering plant that produced custom parts for South African and European companies requiring high strength precision sintered components. Mr. Coenraad feels that sintering suppliers throughout Africa have been unable to maintain the high six sigma quality and precision required in today’s sintered parts, and foresees that custom powdered metal parts produced by ASCO will offer faster production and substantial cost savings compared to CNC machining or MIM solutions.


Mr. Coenraad can be reached via email at, via telephone at

(27) 79 386 3146, or an RFQ can be submitted at