The manufacture of miniature or extremely small PM parts is a specialized subset of the PM industry.

At ASCO Sintering we have been in continuous operation since 1964. During this time proprietary tooling and manufacturing techniques have been developed. Small PM parts typically have thin or fragile cross sections. The benefit to our customer is that they can share in our experience of reliably producing parts with these characteristics.

And here is the reason why -

All PM parts achieve their net shape during pressing and these compaction pressures can approach (50) tons per square inch (of pressing surface area.) These pressures are transmitted thru the tool members contained in the die set. Without our experience this can lead to high tool maintenance and down time

When you add in the exacting process controls in place at ASCO this enables us to produce small PM parts with shapes, tolerances and densities that other companies cannot even consider.

Can we share our experience with you?

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Miniature Parts