Planetary Gear Carrier Systems are used to change speed or direction of transmitted motion while saving weight and space. At ASCO we have the ability to assist with design and manufacture of all elements of a Planetary Gear Carrier system. This support offers engineers maximum control and design flexibility.

Gears with their shape complexity and close dimensional and geometric callouts are extremely well suited for manufacture by conventional Powder Metallurgy In fact there are more steel gears made in PM than any other metal working process. Gear Carrier system components at ASCO include ring, sun and planetary gears and gear carriers.

At ASCO Sintering we offer expertise in three areas that separate us from the competition.

  • Innovative and proprietary tooling to provide more shape complexity during compaction: Specifically more changes in thickness in the direction of pressing. This allows for gear carriers to have integral sun gears and/ or drive posts manufactured as a single piece construction.
  • Processing controls held to exacting six sigma standards: Minimizing variation in pressing density across changes in thickness results in repeatable close tolerance production which provides consistent size change during sintering and greater CPk’s.
  • ASCO Experience: Continuous operation since 1964

When it comes to gears and planetary gear carrier systems, ASCO as your manufacturing partner is the right choice.

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