ASCO Sintering Co. wins 2017 Award of Distinction from MPIF for a copper-infiltrated steel latch bolt for a commercial door lock assembly.

Sam Moorman, Senior Process Engineer, ASCO Sintering Co., California, USA accepted an Award of Distinction in the Hardware/Appliance Category of the 2017 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition.  The MPIF award was given for a copper-infiltrated steel latch bolt for a commercial door lock assembly.  The part is an outstanding example of a PM lock hardware application, unique in that it is not made of stainless steel nor fabricated through MIM.  In fact, this part is an example of conventional PM technology stepping into the design realm of MIM technology.  This results in reduced costs without compromising strength or precision and quality control performance of five sigma or greater.  Making this part as a single net shape PM part saves 60% over other manufacturing methods.  The latch bolt is used in a commercial security system and production runs are over 750,000 parts per year.

Sam accepted the 2017 award at the POWDERMET2017 conference in Las Vegas, USA.  ASCO consistently wins such awards and has won over 35 MPIF Design Excellence Part of the year awards since 1969.

More information on MPIF Design Excellence awards and material specifications on the progressive powder metallurgy solutions offered by ASCO Sintering Co. manufacturing plant located in California, USA. 

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