ASCO Sintering Co. increases production of ordnance fusing components for defense industry customers

ASCO Sintering Co. is now supplying 4 separate fuse components that are used in the 40mm & 50mm high explosive and training rounds. These components are sold to both domestic and foreign markets.

These highly detailed, precision components help provide the movement that takes these munitions projectiles from the unarmed state to the fully armed state. Needless to say, these are safety critical components. 

ASCO uses a proprietary brass material blend that provides the necessary consistency and stability required for these separate but similar applications. This material is processed to a density of 8.00gr/cc, has UTS of 35KSI and hardness of 82 HRH.

Three of the four components are net shape. One of the parts has a tightly toleranced hole which is drilled at a compound angle. The fully automated drilling operation includes a 100% in line vision system inspection. Automated production techniques are used throughout the process on these parts to ensure quality and consistency required for the application.

This family of parts undergo a swaging operation at assembly so functional destructive testing of critical characteristics are performed during production to ensure all parts function as required. This includes both shear strength testing as well as ductility testing.