ASCO Sintering Co. opens new metal sintering sales and engineering office in UK to service European Customers

ASCO Sintering Co. announced the opening of new UK sales and engineering office to service European customers. Paul Edwards with over 25 years of experience in precision gauging is the European Sales Manager offering Advanced Powdered Metal sintering solutions to European companies.

For many years, low cost sintering suppliers have been unable to maintain the high quality and precision required in miniature planetary gear sintered parts. Furthermore European sintering specialists are restricted by capacity and unfavorable exchange rates.

ASCO which manufacturers in the USA high quality sintered solutions some using proprietary planetary gear technology can now effectively sell and service clients in Europe. ASCO specializes in custom complex, multi level, and miniature products from high quality powdered metallurgy materials that when required are capable of the hardness and tensile strength properties of a raw metal or alloy.

Mr Edwards had seen RFQs from European companies requiring high strength precision components to be used in applications such as medical devices, engines and transmissions, automotive & marine hardware, industrial machinery, sporting goods, military components, and firearms. He foresees that custom powdered metallurgy parts produced in the USA offers substantial cost saving compared to CNC machining or MIM solutions.

More information on MPIF Design Excellence awards and material specifications on the progressive powder metallurgy custom solutions offered by ASCO Sintering Co. manufacturing plant located in California, USA.

Paul Edwards UK Telephone is (44) 7770977895 and can be contacted via email at or submit a Request for Quote online.